Great Cheap Eats near White Rock Lake

Great Cheap Eats near White Rock Lake

Grab a bite to eat at these cheap cafes, restaurants and diners near White Rock Lake.

The simple rules of anatomy and biology teach us that we never be without food for too long! Even though our bodies require food for sustenance, who said that you have to spend loads of money at the most posh restaurant? With restaurants in its every nook and corner, Dallas is a foodie’s haven! And, many of these local eateries are extremely affordable.

If you happen to be a resident of Dallas, or even if you are a new comer to the city, check out on these cheap eateries around town:

  • Do you need coffee to operate in the morning? If you’re like countless coffee fanatics across the nation, swing by White Rock Coffee. Along with being right down the road from White Rock Lake Villas, this coffee shop has great micro-roast coffee at more reasonable prices than the big name, chain coffee shops.
  •  Big Mama’s Chicken N Waffles is all about tantalizing your taste buds with some hot, spicy chicken and waffles. Don’t forget to bring your bills because this local eatery is cash only. Other than being cash only, you will surely come back here for more after you have tasted the flaky waffles and crisp, juicy chicken.
  • Cool & Hot Tacos is a local taco shack that you simply cannot miss. And, not only do they serve great tacos, you will get some amazing picadillo, yummy snow cones, and breakfast too.

There are loads of restaurants that will help you save a dime or two on your next meal. Simply grab a friend and head out to these cheap eats close to White Rock Lake!

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